Tourism equals opportunities

World Tourism Day: Power of 1 Billion

World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27th September, since 1980 by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation  (UNWTO),  when in 1970 the Statues of the UNWTO were adopted.

Travelling is the most liberating experience I know of and it means different things to different people. Changing its facet over the years, travelling has become more than just ‘going to a place for your vacations or business’.

World Tourism Day

Another name for tourism is opportunities

Image Credits:  UNWTO

Travelling is the most ‘happy-thing-to-do’ I know of and the icing on the cake is that it can help the society in numerous ways, only condition being that we travel responsibly.  From travelling to grandparents’ house in the summer vacations to visiting a hidden gem in Thailand – Trang, I have come a long way in the world of travelling but the path to traverse has only widened and the destinations to visit only increased. Let me confess, I was not a born traveller but once, as they say ‘the bug bit me’, there was no looking back. I am an ardent Nature lover and find my inspiration and solace in Nature, travelling only got me close to it. I want to travel the world before I pass on to the next and on the way make friends and feel, hug and love nature.

My girls trying the South Indian Thali

My daughters love to try out new cuisines

Image Credits: coinsandmaps

More often than not, my daughters accompany me on my travels and I feel happy and proud to be introducing them to this exciting world of travel at an early age. I am sure they will grow to be more humble, tolerant and understanding as such values get inculcated on their own when one travels. Travel and tourism is a great teacher and here one learns things by doing. Unlike the conventional classroom, here the world is your classroom and your mistakes teach you to be a better student the next time you are in a similar class (read ‘situation’).  My kids never litter, they are open to try new cuisines (let me confess they are better than a lot of adults I know, including me) and they love and respect animals.

I travel like a local

I adapt myself according to the locals

Image Credits: Gaurav Bhatnagar

I thought of asking my blogger friends if they think themselves to be a responsible traveller? Gaurav Bhatnagar, who blogs at The Spunky Traveler said, “I never impose my knowledge on locals. Rather, I change myself to live, speak, eat and feel like them.”

Use public transport as much as possible

I prefer to walk or use public tranport

Another blogger Teesha Bhasin who blogs at Bloggerpen says, “I travel as the locals do. Be it a short weekend trip or a vacation, I make it a point to keep my travelling an eco-friendly and money-saving affair. I prefer to walk most of the times. If the distance demands then I prefer shared autos, cabs, and local buses. This way I am contributing my bit to conserve the environment by avoiding air pollution, saving fuel by opting for a shared mode of transportation. Plus, I save money. Therefore, it is a win-win situation.

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