Weight watchers, wait no more!

With the onset of the festive season, I know where to head for all that binging with friends and relatives without putting an ounce of extra weight.

Healthy food is a necessity and not an option anymore
Healthy food is a necessity and not an option any more

This is a piece of superb news for weight watchers. Now you won’t have to diet to lose weight, just eat smartly and you can have a fab body with your taste buds rather thanking you and your tummy smiling.

I am talking about Gyms Kook in Punjabi Bagh in New Delhi. Its the most wonderful place to have healthy food without feeling guilty afterwards. This place is a brain child of young entrepreneur Ekjot Singh who is a fitness freak himself.

With a very chilled out decor and young and attentive staff to attend to I had a wonderful time with family. The menu itself is wonderfully laid out and with tags like Kook Special, Happy Tummy and Energizer my kids were thrilled to try some of the things they don’t want to hear of also otherwise. Presentation and the way of cooking definitely makes a lot of difference. Most of the dishes here are either grilled or cooked using bare minimum oil that too olive oil and the taste is superlative.

Grilled Fish served with mashed potatoes and vegetables
Grilled Fish Steak

I tried  Grilled Fish Steak which as the name suggests was a grilled fish marinated in lemon , mustard, garlic and served with veggies and mashed potatoes. So, you may say fish is anyway healthy. Agreed, but its not just the fish that was healthy, there were wraps, kebabs etc. all freshly prepared in almost zero oil with a lot of greens. Another good point is that in wraps and rotis whole wheat flour was  used instead of refined flour. I tried Broccoli Parantha that had broccoli as a filling and no oil at all and let me tell you it tasted wonderful with Tamara soya (soyabean , shredded vegetables tossed in tomato gravy). There was another lip smacking dish which is my favourite, Veggie Soya Tiki which are low fat soya tikkis that were served with mint sauce and work as a great appetiser.

Veggie Wrap, Cous Cous Sald and Cobb Salad
Veggie Wrap, Cous Cous Sald and Cobb Salad

They also have another outlet in Rohini in Delhi and a take away in Gurgaon.

Water bottle with a sprig of mint
Water bottle with a sprig of mint

Even the drinks here are healthy and a treat for your eyes. The water bottle which you will see on your table will have a sprig of mint in it which is so fascinating to look at and wonderful to taste, it gives mild minty flavour to water which is also healthy as mint is known to have cooling and digestive properties. There are many healthy drinks on the menu like Cinnamon lemonade, Watermelon beach, Booster (2 apples , 1\2 pineapple , parsley , broccoli , wheat grass), Minty Beta (4 carrots , mint leaves) and my favourite Slimming Detox (apple , cucumber , celery , lemon ,bitter gourd). I was really surprised to see that healthy food can have so many options and that too delicious.

I will definitely try out their other two outlets as well just to check if they maintain the same standard at all three places (yeah,yeah to gorge on healthy food again and again. And why not, it helps me in maintaining my weight and satisfying my cravings at the same time).

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  1. I am glad that finally has come up with the true meaning of DIET where we do not starve but eat everything in controlled portions and keep a tab on our workout regime ! 🙂

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