Weekend Getaway from Hyderabad: Kotpally Reservoir

That’s the venue – Kotpally Reservoir

Moments of joy and celebrations are better spent tripping together and if it’s a birthday celebration we’d rather go out and explore. It was the husband’s 40th birthday and we had planned to visit this lake (we didn’t even know the name of this lake when we started but knew it was close to Ananthagiri hills).

On our way to find our way

It was a Saturday morning of December and the sun was shining brightly in the sky with all of us dressed in our t-shirts it was pretty amazing to be dressed like that in December for winter months in Delhi are chilling to the bone with a lot of days without the sun.  It felt so much like fun under the sun!

With some fruits and water, we left around 10. After reaching Swamy Anantha Padmanabha temple we were clueless about the direction in which to head so we asked a couple of passersby about the nearest Cheruvu – which means lake in Telugu. With some of them understanding what we were trying to ask we reached a point where we saw two men erecting a banner that said ‘Kayaking’. With them pointing in the right direction we reached Kotpally Reservoir. It’s a huge reservoir where you can do kayaking, fishing, and cycling too.

Where are you looking mommy?

We quickly parked our car and headed to one of the guys who was managing the tickets for kayaks.  We hired two double seater kayaks for INR 800 for 30 minutes and put on the life jackets and as we sat in the kayak the helpers informed us about how to row with the oars and off we went maneuvering our kayaks.  I was with my elder daughter Cheryl in one of the kayaks and Arshiya was accompanying the birthday boy on another kayak. We managed to row and also came together for clicking a few pictures with our mobile.

Let’s click a few pictures

30 minutes just passed away having fun, chatting,  going close to the other kayak where the other two family members were sitting and then running away from them. Let me confess I was a bit skeptical before sitting in the kayak but the kayaks here are quite new and well maintained.

After finishing this round we looked at our eating options.

Maggi, Maggi, Maggi

There were a few stalls at the banks of the reservoir and we decided to check them out. There were guys selling Maggi, Bread Omelet, Chowmein, Manchuria (that’s Manchurian for you in Hyderabad) and my favourite drink- tea. There were other stalls that were selling Lemon Soda, Corn on the cob, Bhelpuri etc. I would categorize these food items as the total picnic stuff. To be enjoyed life doesn’t demand much really.

Maggi Time

We opted for desi Chowmein, all-time favorite Maggi and a couple of cups of tea and enjoyed every bit of it. One thing I really liked about this place that both tourists and the vendors here had managed the place well; I mean it was quite neat and clean and there was almost no litter. Travel responsibly! Well, that goes without saying.

Kids will be kids. So as soon we finished munching both the kiddos wanted to go kayaking again but alone! So we hired single seater kayaks for 30 minutes each and then the girls went kayaking again with them helping each other, in and out of the kayak and the life jacket. Both of them enjoyed and were rowing like a pro. I was happy to sit on the banks of the reservoir and enjoy the sunshine with clicking on and off while daddy dearest watched her little girls closely and was happy to see them happy.

As we headed towards the city we saw a lot of farmers sitting on the highway with fresh produce of vegetables and then, of course, couldn’t resist picking up some of the fresh vegetables.

We reached home with a lot of good memories – doing a new activity in a new destination on a special day. Couldn’t ask for a simpler and a happy day! That is how we are and that is what we want.

Beauty comes in all sizes

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