United Shopper’s Club (Reserved for Ladies)

It is not without a reason that women are often referred to as the better half;  found at places where there are good discounts and great stuff to shop, they not only save big time but also know how to have fun.

It is said that it’s almost impossible to understand a woman, whoever planted this thought I guess, wasn’t a keen observer; just watch women in a market place or a shopping mall and it wouldn’t take a second guess to understand that shopping comes naturally to women.

‘Women with Wings’ was the title of the blogger’s meet that I was invited for at The Imperial, New Delhi. And in true Asian spirit (read relaxed and informal) began the presentation which was only for women, a privileged section I must say (considering ample ways of enjoying life available to the fairer sex and of course, I am proud to be a part of this shopper’s brigade, but mind you, I am not an impulsive shopper {at least I claim that, don’t know if my better half agrees} and more often than not weigh my options before swiping that card).

Baizuri Baharum
Baizuri Baharum also sang a few lines of the song Gerua and the audience loved it

Baizuri Baharum, Deputy Director, Shopping Secretariat, Tourism Malaysia took us on a virtual tour of shopping in Malaysia. It was a delight to listen to her and her wise words as she warned that men keep women stress free because when women are stressed they shop. And with this she broke the ice with the audience; every woman was interested in her presentation and whatever she had to say about shopping. How clever Baizuri! You picked up the subject which is close to every woman be it any continent , any profession , any age but if it’s the fairer sex then shopping runs in their veins.

Baizuri in my opinion is a great mix of beauty with brains. Everything about shopping in Malaysia was on her finger tips and the way she put it across the table, I bet every man would have loved shopping after her presentation. It’s her job you may say, I say it’s the passion with which she does her job that makes all the difference.

I have been to Malaysia once, though didn’t have much time to shop; we did go sightseeing in KL and then Kuching from where I picked up some souvenirs which still adorn one of the walls at my place.

Launch of Instagram handle
Launch of new Instagram handle malaysia4women

Baizuri gave all women bloggers and shopping enthusiasts (women, again)  an insight into the most popular places like Suria KLCC, Berjaya Times Square which houses Malaysia’s largest indoor theme park featuring 14 major rides,  Pavilion, Empire Shopping Gallery and more. What really struck me was that almost all the places had specially marked areas for kids to play and enjoy while mothers shopped.  It’s a simple measure but really important if you make business sense. I hope malls in India are listening!

Lucky Winner
One lucky winner who’d be flying to Malaysia

All the ladies enjoyed the presentation and I am sure also learnt by heart where all to drop in for shopping as Baizuri took us through with her favourite and popular shopping destinations in Malaysia. The entire afternoon was interspersed with lots of goodies for the participants from various brands like The Body Shop, Sephora and Gitanjali Jewels.  I too, was one of the lucky ones and won a gift from Gitanjali Jewels. One lucky winner bagged an all expense trip to Malaysia. But ladies, don’t give up yet, you too can grab cool prizes by just following the newly launched Instagram handle @Malaysia4women. The shopping mascot Miss Shoppiah was also launched at the event and ladies remember 1st to 31st March is first great sale period in Malaysia.

Haven’t you booked your ticket yet? See you in Malaysia (if we get any time from shopping).



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