Tata Hexa: Fast and Fabulous

What do you do when you need that adrenalin rush to escape the boring routine? Or perhaps just want to feel happy? Or maybe when you want to talk to the breeze and hear the birds sing? Ask me all of the above and my answer is same for all the queries – I go for a road trip with my pack.


Powerful beauty was appreciated for its looks and class


Road trip is what gets us going as a family. Almost always, it’s an unplanned trip on any of the long weekends or even if it’s not a long weekend we make it one; traveling together means that and a lot more to us.
Already a fan of Tata cars, our travelling companion is a Tata hatchback that has seen us laugh, eat, sleep and hum to our favourite songs while on a trip and every time we come back all giggles and smiles and with a lot of sweet memories from each of our trip I can see the cat eyes (read headlights) of our red beauty wink at me.

Delhi being our base we have done the obvious ones like Dehra Dun, Mussoorie, Dhanolti, Rishikesh,Nainital,Agra,Jaipur,Shimla, Mathura, Chandigarh and then the not so obvious ones like Kanatal, Dev Prayag, Kasauli, Lansdowne. Lucknow, Ludhiana and a round trip to the Golden Triangle, well the list seems to be never-ending. All these adventures have happened in our little red car that has been our reliable partner irrespective of the roads.
Now that the girls are growing up and we are travelling far and wide to quench our travel thirst, time has come for us to add a bigger and a faster travelling companion (the little red beauty is alright with the arrangement and she knows that she will be a part of the family always) and just to get a firsthand experience of the newly launched Tata Hexa (off- roading video) we travelled all the way to Gurugram (ya that’s one helluva journey considering the traffic on NH 8 but fortunately on a Sunday that ain’t bad). And what an experience it was!

An event organized with such perfection and every bit thought to the last detail. The best part was that it wasn’t a see-and-feel-the-car only kinda experience; there was an activity corner for kids, pet adoption area which was an instant click with the kids and of course the car was the center of attraction for all.

The off-roading experience was an amazing one and the kids left me speechless when on being asked by the driver that how should he drive my daughter replied, “Very Fast.” Now I will spare you the facts about the car but just a few observations that I have, the car definitely has a wonderful grip on the road, is very smooth to drive, is high on space and is definitely a traveler’s delight.
Looks like we have found another perfect match for our long road trips that we plan to do. While getting back home from the event my daughters discussed among themselves all the features they liked about the car like space, size, and the looks and decided to gift a Tata Hexa to their dad for his birthday. Great choice I must say!


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