Pristine Trang: Thailand's Best Kept Secret

Move aside Bangkok, Krabi, Phuket, Pattaya and the other cousins. A new kid on the block is making waves. I am talking about the undiscovered gem of Thailand- Trang.

Trang also known as Mueang Thap Thaing is one of the southern provinces of Thailand on the western side of Malay Peninsula facing the Andaman Sea. This quaint and lovely little town may be sleepy to you at first but trust me it has a lot of options for the discerning traveller.

Things to see and do in Trang

  • Koh Kradan Island
Koh Kradan Island
The ferry ride to Koh Kradan island is amazing from Pak Meng Pier

This island is about 45 minutes from the Pak Meng Pier in Trang. This is the definitely one of the most pristine and clean beach in the world with its emerald blue water and powdery sand beach all you will want here is fresh coconut water with a nice book lying down on a hammock or may be just let the waves wash your feet.There are also a number of stay options here just in case you decide to stay back.

  • Morakot Caves
Just outside Morakot caves
Crossing the sea to get to the other side of Morakot cave is once in a lifetime experience

This is a must do for everyone when in Trang. Hidden in Koh Muk island and very close to Koh Kradan are the Morakot caves.  It’s once in a lifetime experience to cross the cave while paddling through a cave making a trail and waiting for the tunnel to end.

  • Snorkelling in Koh Muk island
Snorkelling around Koh Muk island
Snorkelling will take to into a new world altogether, you can try it even if you are a non swimmer

Once you been in and out of the cave you will be confident enough to snorkel in the turquoise waters of the sea. Enjoy the marine life and the corals which dot the island.

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