Over The Moon Micro Brewery

Over The Moon, Literally!

What’s in a name you might say? I say everything, at least for the microbrewery and lounge bar – Over The Moon in Gachibowli in Hyderabad.

It’s been five months already that I moved to Hyderabad from Delhi and frankly I still have to get used to long spells of awesome weather and warm and hospitable people. Coming from Delhi, I had equated Hyderabad with Biryani and that was the obvious food choice for the initial few months. Having had my Biryani fill, I was looking for some hip and happening places to hang out with friends and family and it was then that I was invited to Over The Moon Brew Company at Gachibowli.


Spread across two floors Over the Moon is located close to the junction of Gachibowli signal. It is in close proximity to the IT cluster and other offices in that area. With valet parking available, I was super impressed with the location, coming from ORR it was a smooth signal free drive and voila! I was at the restaurant.


The restaurant has ample seating area for about 250 people at a time. You can opt for open air seating area which would be awesome in the cool evenings I am sure. The rustic look of the furniture and restaurant which is well lit, yet easy on the eyes sets the mood for the good times to be had. The first floor is brightly painted in yellow and blue which looks very inviting and a happy place giving it a Mediterranean look.


The word global cuisine says it all. It’s a place for everyone where you can get what you want. Like Gopal, GM, Over The Moon says that we serve everything from Kadi to Lobster. To be honest that statement had me confused and I was thinking that it is almost impossible to be serving such a variety of stuff without compromising on the quality. Hence, I thought I would order a variety of dishes which would be as different as it can get. First on my plate was Burmese Parcel with Sweet Chilli Sauce and Madras Curry Powder Flavored Fish; both the appetizers were just stunning yet smooth on the palette maintaining their authentic flavors. This fish is for anyone who wants to have mildly flavored flaky fish which is perfectly balanced with mustard and mayo dip.  I would like to recommend Burmese Parcel for starters for kids for sure. Packed somewhat like a spring roll kids will love it for its crispiness and the American corn and cheese filling. I also tried Crispy Lotus Stem and Water chestnut and it was absolutely crunchy and tasty with mild sweet and spicy flavors blending perfectly with my mocktail.

Burmese Parcel with Sweet Chilli Sauce
Burmese Parcel with Sweet Chilli Sauce

There is an array of starters, main course and of course the desserts to choose from. You can club your food with a huge choice of cocktails and mocktails. Fresh brews from their own microbrewery will have you asking for more.  On weekdays, you have the option of choosing from a buffet with a huge spread of Continental, Indian and Chinese for an all inclusive price of INR 550. There is also a very easy on the pocket choice of a platter with a freshly brewed glass of beer all for INR 300. And with so many offices in the vicinity, you can find your colleague sitting here more often than not. Getting ideas for a meeting over lunch? Sounds like a plan.

Macher Jhol and Steamed Rice
Macher Jhol and Steamed Rice

The first drink that I tried was a mocktail called Pick me Up – fresh watermelon mint apple juice fused with sparkling water. As the name only suggests, I had to pick the drink up and believe me I could not put it down before finishing it. The crescent shaped water melon slice added to the charm, a feast for the eyes actually!

For the main course I tried Macher Jhol which had the pungent flavour of mustard and was perefctly balanced with steamed rice; from north Indian cuisine I just couldn’t resist ordering Butter Chicken with Roti but frankly I was skeptical of ordering Butter Chicken in Hyderabad after having tasted the best of the best Butter Chicken in Ludhiana and Delhi to some extent. But thanks to the chef my skepticism was put to rest and I had my own sweet time with Butter Chicken and hot and crispy Tandoori Rotis (hazards of inviting a north Indian). There was also Pad Thai Noodles with Chicken and Chilly Basil Fried Rice with Chicken which could easily be termed as comfort food for its portion and taste. You can have a Pizza or a Pasta or enjoy Kadi or Rajma with rice – something for eveyone.

Thumbs Up

  1. The food is exceptional
  2. Ambiance is great and adds to the good feeling while eating
  3. Homebrews are good and you can try various flavors
  4. Open area seating is an advantage as in spite being so close to the main road you don’t get that feeling
  5. Live music performances are held on specific days.
  6. There is a food truck operated by the restaurant in the evenings just outside the restaurant. In case you are in a mood for some street food with a twist you can head to the truck.
  7. Exhaustive menu- kids will be as happy as the adults. And no, once is not enough. You will have to make multiple visits to enjoy OTM’s menu.

Thumbs Down

  1. There are no separete sections for vegetarian and non vegetarian food listings in the menu, as it is the menu is so vast so it makes a little difficlut to wade through it. As I am preferentially a vegetarian, I would like to see to separate section for vegetarain dishes but that’s my view.

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