Nainital – 5 places you must visit

Nainital is one of the famous hill stations in north India and is also called the lake district of India. With Naini lake as its centre of attraction there are other points of interest too in this quaint hill station that will make the tourist in you happy and may be surprise you too.

Naini lake

This lake is the lifeline of Nainital. Crystal clear water, ducks swimming beside your boat and temples around the lake make for perfect ingredients for a romantic getaway or a happy outing with a family. You get boats in all shapes and sizes. There are boats which look exactly like the ducks that are swimming in the lake and then there are shikaras, just in case you are feeling a little Bollywoodish.

Did I tell you that there are water purifiers installed in the lake which are planted somewhere inside the lake and you can only see small whirlpools on top which keep the oxygen levels in the lake at the optimum levels.

Naini Lake is the lifeline of Nainital
Naini Lake is the lifeline of Nainital

Nainital Zoo

Now how many of you knew that there is a zoo in Nainital? Confession time: I did not have an idea about this place till the last time I visited Naintal. And my last visit was perhaps the 5th visit (call me a bored traveller if you will, but you see even on your 5th visit you can discover a thing or two about a place).

This zoo deserves a special mention because the way it has been maintained, the kind of animals it has housed and a temple which you can visit through the zoo. The level of cleanliness is superb, it doesn’t feel like you are in India (we are used to zoos in the metros where there is litter all around) and of course the weather is a bonus here. You don’t sweat and the animals are not hiding. And you have to see the animals to believe me — this zoo has Tibetan wolves, Royal Bengal tiger, Snow leopard, various varieties of birds, sloth bear, blue sheep and many more animals. On the one end of the zoo there is a small temple of Lord Shiva where there are a hundreds of bells hanging in the temple compound.

We enjoyed the zoo as much as our children.

My daughters watching the bear lazing in the sunlight
My daughters watching the bear lazing in the sunlight

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