Mussoorie Revisited with Royal Orchid

This is a destination that is good for all seasons and reasons are aplenty to plan a trip to Mussoorie. Here we introduce to our readers the best luxury stay option we have now explored a couple of times and would like to go again, every time we visit the Queen of Hills.

There is no reason for our kids to be excited on being informed that we are going to Mussoorie, it is not the first time to be doing so, actually may be more than 10 times now that we have been there!

Shiva temple – Prakesheshwar Mandir en route Mussoorie from Dehra Dun. Offering money at the temple is strictly prohibited 

But that is what we thought. When they were informed that we will be staying at The Royal Orchid Fort Resort once more, they had many reasons to be happy and few surprises in store too. Team at Royal Orchid led by the cheerful professional Dhanraj Singh (General Manager), have a habit of spoiling you by being not just caring and courteous but going over the top at times to please guests who visit them. Meeting our daughters they offered an upgrade to a Duplex Suite – the best one, the corner suite with a terrace and a balcony for an unparalleled bird’s eye view of the Doon valley and the sprawling hills of Mussoorie.

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Our Duplex Suite at the Royal Orchid Fort Resort

There is a great amount of planning and design with which the resort has been built ensuring no dearth of open spaces for sun bathing or reading while relaxing in hammocks or otherwise, enjoying swinging under pine trees, eating in the courtyard under blue skies, star gazing and enjoying bon fires/ barbeques during afterhours and more. The vastness of the open areas and lawns is akin to that of the sky above and the hills all around. Generally, the hotels in hills are all rooms and little open greens; this is an exception and a very pleasant one at that.

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Snapshots of the resort

Once out of the resort it is the Mall Road which is at a stone’s throw away distance, with so many attractions for kids and adults that make time go by so fast. The place still has an old world charm which we at times yearn for.

Shopkeepers enjoying a game of carom

The simple game of carom board being enjoyed by shopkeepers in the afternoon caught our attention; people were happily engaged and had little worry about the business being slow at this time of the year as it did not snow much. The shops beautifully displaying clothes, handicrafts, woolens, toys, shoes etc sort of lure you, but then why not if it makes you happy. The famous Lovely omelet shop, book store, eatery, paan ki dukaan all remain the same and you almost know the feel and taste of everything that you see or try. “The more things change, more they remain the same” is something which is a happy thought in this setting as there are somethings and places that we just want to be the same as they are etched in our memory – frozen in time. The thought that one knows where to have that soup or momos or the pie and what it would taste like is so satisfying and relaxing that lets one enjoy more on such leisure trips. Mandatory visit to Gunhill by the ropeway and the balloon shooting family competition brings in a smile and little extra money for the stall owner. Fun arcade centre skating ring, cycling paths and more outdoor possibilities makes Mussoorie a real family destination and as the sun sets we head back once more to be treated royally and sleep warmly in the comfort of our personal luxury.


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