Mistress of Honour: War in Peace – Daily battles won and lost

Mistress of Honour by Bhaavna Arora
Mistress of Honour by Bhaavna Arora

I read this one over a lazy Sunday, not knowing that in store was 15 years of time travel – Blue star to Kargil and many battles in between that have been fought for ideologies, power, honour and most of all survival. This was only the backdrop to the real story – story of the unseen battles, story of silent pain, and empty loneliness against many enemies – against uncertainty. This is the story of the women of a nation who survive life with a soldier in the name of family. They may not go to the same field as their sons, fathers, brothers, or lovers but they bear the bruises just as bad. They may not get the ribbons and medals but they do deserve similar honour and recognition.

Women of exceptional strength despite their fears, living with hope while watching their worlds fall apart. The story of young men and women who through ages face the same difficult choices, generations effected by tough decisions and yet there is always hope and happiness once the storm has passed. Inspiring to see how ‘people fall, only to learn to pick themselves up again’.

Bhaavna Arora gives a peek into the lives of wives and children of soldiers. A life, which can only be a second fiddle to a soldier’s first love – his motherland. Being torn between two worlds yet keeping both of them together by sheer grit and love that only women possess. The book has little details to remind us of the difficulties that India faces from the enemies outside and within. She gives us facts that are easy to comprehend for a generation that has not been there. Repeatedly reveals the inside of the Army training schools, bonhomie between soldiers, friendship running thicker than bloodlines, honour first and various army traditions that keep us safe in our homes without our knowledge.

This has the pace of a thriller, love and tenderness of an M&B, intriguing humour and screen play of a commando comic and promise of a better tomorrow. Though at times, would seem to some like too much of an advert for Army. Too many life times were covered in a few pages, would have liked to see more details on growing up of the kids and the daily battles that they fought.

Splendid and inspiring is how I would rate this and a must administer for people who take freedom for granted. Story well told – high on emotions and action. Anyone looking forward to the right mix of history and age proof dilemmas will love the read.

About the author:

Bhaavna Arora resents being a slave to the ordinary.She has a BEd degree, a double MBA, as well as a PhD from Pittsford University, USA, to her credit. She is a corporate Trainer on leadership for students and professionals. After heading an MBA college in Bengaluru as a director for a few years, she went on to fulfill her dream of being an author. Her debut book, The Delibrate Sinner was very well received by both the media and the critics. A philanthropist at heart, Bhaavna has been sponsoring the education of an underprivileged child for the past eleven years. She also works with many charitable organisations.

Publisher:  Penguin Books

Pages: 191

ISBN: 9780143425281

Price: INR 199

E-book: Available

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