Little sisters on a plane from Delhi to Hyderabad

Here is an account of our (Cheryl and Arshiya’s) journey aboard a SpiceJet Flight from Delhi to Hyderabad. It was our first trip alone on a plane and we enjoyed it and are confident of doing it again all alone.

We had returned from Manali after a week-long vacation with Mamma and Papa and Devesh uncle’s family the plan ahead was that we would stay back at our grandparent’s house while Mamma and Papa would leave for Hyderabad. We were happy with this arrangement.

Our girly gang at DGS Society in Delhi

We had almost 10 days with us which meant only eating, sleeping, watching TV and playing with our childhood friends for long hours. We also planned a sleep over at our place where all our friends whom we have known since our pram days were invited. It was a huge hit with all of us, actually.

But like all good things come to an end our mini vacation came to an end and we had to leave for Hyderabad.

Now came even more interesting part. We had to travel on our own and that was a huge responsibility or so it seemed.

Our tickets were booked on a Spice Jet flight from Delhi to Hyderabad and our grandparents dropped us at the Delhi airport and our Mamma picked us up at the Hyderabad airport.

We could see that the elders were a worried lot and made phone calls and filled out a few forms to us to travel on our own. The arrangements were done and everything seemed pretty simple. Though we were calling our parents and grandparents at regular intervals and they were also in constant touch.

Cheryl and Arshiya at Delhi airport

We are 12 years and 10 years of age hence we need assistance according to the airlines, however, after traveling once like this we are pretty sure we don’t need any assistance and can manage on our own.

To make things easy we are dividing our journey into two parts, while Arshiya will write about the first part of the trip I will write about the latter.

From our Delhi Home to the Aircraft: By Arshiya Joshi

Our flight was scheduled to depart at 9:40 in the morning so keeping that in mind we reached the airport well in time. Our grandparents told us that they would stay outside and wait till our flight takes off. Once we were at the airport we went to the baggage counter and we checked in our luggage and we were asked to sit there and wait till the boarding started.

Just then a man came to us and showed us his phone and asked us, “Do you know where this counter is?” And then I said, “Ummm…actually we don’t work here.” I felt a little awkward. This kind of incident happened not once but thrice. I and my sister were like can’t they make out we are kids?!

When the boarding began we went to the boarding gate (where boarding passes are scanned ) and sat there for about half an hour and then got to know that our flight was delayed. We had to wait for some more time and again people came to us and asked when will the boarding start. Then I said, “ We don’t work here.”

Once the boarding started we were asked to wait till everyone had gone and then we boarded the bus with one female staff member who took us to the plane. We quickly reached the aircraft because ours was the last bus and we did not have to wait for any more passengers. There were only 3 or 4 more passengers other than us on the bus. We boarded the airplane last.

From the Aircraft to Hyderabad: By Cheryl Joshi

We entered the airplane. Our seats were 3A and 3B, my sister likes the window seat so I let her sit there. On 3C there was a very polite man with a warm smile on his face. As soon as we sat a beautiful air hostess – head of cabin crew, greeted us warmly and asked us if we had traveled alone before. We told her it was our first time and I was taking my sister with me. She told us if we needed any help we could just press the button above us and she also asked the man sitting next to us to let her know if we needed any help. The man sitting next to us said that he was from Australia and he would be happy to help. Then he asked us if we were on a holiday and if we enjoyed it.

Another parent at the Hyderabad airport
Inside the aircraft

After settling a bit, Arshiya asked me when will they give us food? And she also said that the food better be hot. I think the air hostess heard it or something like that because while I was hiding my face out of embarrassment, the air hostess looked at me and smiled and I smiled back. A second later my sister and I looked at each other and at the same time (while smelling the air) we said, “Mmm…food.” Then we were served food which my Papa had prebooked for me and it was the part of the deal for my sister. I took a veg meal while my sister opted for a non-veg meal. I got cottage cheese (paneer) bhurji, mix veg parantha and moong dal kachori while my sister got chicken keema, pav and potato cutlet. Both of us also got croissants and butter. We also got mango juice (Arshiya’s favorite fruit too). We finished our food happily. To be frank, I don’t like airplane meals but this one was surprisingly good and hot.

Staff Member of Spice Jet who helped Cheryl and Arshiya at Hyderabad airport

We also played a small game of ludo after finishing our meals. And soon it was time to land. As soon as the flight landed all the passengers lined up to get down, the air hostess stopped all other passengers and took us to the gate of the aircraft where a staff member of SpiceJet was standing to receive us. We alighted the aircraft and got into the bus. A few more passengers came boarded the bus and we started towards the airport. He asked us if we had any checked in baggage or fragile baggage. We collected our bags and called Mamma from the airport, she was already waiting for us and then she spoke to the staff member who was accompanying us. Soon we came out and saw Mamma and hugged her.

We were home.

This person asked Mamma to show him her identity proof and then she signed a document and then we were handed over. It was a wonderful experience and in fact, we found it so easy that we told our Papa to not to ask for any accompaniment from next time onwards. We would manage it on our own.

It was a great experience and we also thank Spice Jet for their help.

Selfie time with Mamma while Cheryl is on the phone



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