Home Alone?  A little girl in the USA

An account of the trip to USA through the eyes of a 10 year old.

Hi! I am  Cheryl, 10 years old and study in class 6.  In the month of June I went on a trip to USA with my school visiting places like Kennedy Visitor’s Space Centre, Disney Land, Universal Studios in Orlando, Niagara Falls and Statue of Liberty to name a few.

Hi! I am Cheryl

Join me on a memory trip to the beautiful places I visited in the USA with children more or less my age (I was the youngest though).

I knew my school organises educational trips to USA and other places and was pretty excited about the whole idea of children travelling on their own to such wonderful places. I have known USA to be a very enchanting place; it is a developed country and is very clean. And now it was my turn to see this beautiful country on my own.

Orlando – NASA, Disney Land, Universal Studios

This was the first leg of my journey which began from New Delhi Airport, London Heathrow Airport to JFK Airport in New York and then finally Orlando. It was a very very long flight for me but I coped up well, in fact, very well.

I flew with Virgin Atlantic and I must say the flight was very comfortable and I slept like a baby but was disappointed to learn that my baggage had not accompanied me to Orlando. I was of course not at all worried, my father had already warned me about such incidents on long haul flights so I shopped at Walmart in Orlando for a few basics and was sorted.

NASA, Orlando

This was the reason our trip was planned in the first place. It is divided into two parts – first part is known as ATX (Astronaut Training Experience) in which they train you like astronauts there are certain activities such as how to launch a rocket, zero gravity activity and a wheel which goes 360 degrees . In the rocket launch experience we were divided into groups and we had to choose chits, where we were asked how was it decided that who would land on the moon first, they said that the same way as were doing it now through chits. Unbelievable!

Welcome to NASA

In the wheel activity there are 2 seats and the wheel goes 360 degrees and whirls side to side. In the zero gravity activity you feel like there is no gravity and you need to pull yourself down with the help of the bars or you start floating in the air.


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The other part of Kennedy Space Centre is all about space shuttles, rockets and astronauts. There are certain shows about space shuttles and astronauts’ life. In the space shuttle show about Atlantis they tell you about how  it was built and at the end the screen shifts up and one can see the real Atlantis. There is bus tour in which you can see real crocodiles on roads and in swamps.  There are also some swings based on space and rocket principles.

Disney Land and Universal Studios, Orlando

Next was Disney Land and we were all really excited to be there. When it started – we parked our bus and took a small ferry to the island and got a map. The island is divided into 5 groups – Tomorrow Land, Reapers Land, Liberty Land, Fantasy Land and Adventure Land. Tomorrow Land is the future based land with rides which are space and future based. Reapers and Liberty Land have the shops for souvenirs, books, CDs, antique etc. Fantasy Land is where the main castle is where you can find Cinderella and Prince Charming together. Adventure land is the place where most of the roller coasters are such as Big Thunder, 7 dwarfs etc.

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One full day is definitely not enough to be at Disney. Evening time is for fireworks which are out of this world. The fireworks are pollution free and very beautiful with lots of colours it’s a must watch.

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Universal Studios is famous for its roller coasters, we were next here.  This has 2 islands – Island of Adventure and Universal Studios connected by a train named Hogwarts.


Island of Adventure has more roller coasters other than shows. Some really fast, high and scary. It has a Harry Potter zone and some great roller coasters. There is a dragon theme one which goes real high slowly then comes down fast and goes into 360 degree, loops it then comes to a sudden halt. Real cool, once done but before that it is shocking.  We also saw the Sindbad, the sailor show which had a great act. There was a wrecked ship, treasure in barrels, rocky and lush green surroundings, caves all around – it took us to another era of sailors and pirates.

We also visited Jurassic park which had stalls and there are Jeeps which have dinosaurs. There were some in the bushes and we got the feel of real jungle with dinosaurs. There is a boat ride in which a big cage comes and a siren starts and there are loud noises like birds, animals, dinos and someone shouts Caution! Caution! Then the boat goes into a huge cave in which there are cages inside which are different dinosaurs and each one is doing something to thrill and scare us. In the end, comes the biggest of all – T Rex and we go right into its mouth and the boat goes crashing down a huge slide. One of the new things which I tried and found very cool and refreshing was butter beer, it had the foam too.

New York

Such skyscrapers are common in NYC. I clicked this from a moving bus

New York is one the greatest cities in the world and the moment I got off the bus I saw huge buildings, gardens and a river front. We boarded our cruise ship which took us to Liberty Island. When we reached Liberty Island we got off our cruise and then were given tickets, we were in groups and were told to take a round of the island, there were shops which had like a thousands of models of Statue of Liberty. We then started to take the round and when we reached half we saw the Statue of Liberty. It was very beautiful and huge. Then we went to a shop where we saw model key chains and souvenirs.

Times Square was said to be a special place with lots of shops and offices, high buildings and lots and lots of traffic. As a kid I did not find the place interesting as it hardly had anything for me to do.  Maybe when I grow up I would find something of interest.

Niagara Falls

Evening at Niagara Falls is magic, it was really very cold and we had to wear jackets. Right in front of us was Niagara and we could see the Canadian land on other side. Then suddenly the lights switched on one by one, we could see all the colours in the falling water. We spent about 15 – 20 minutes clicking pictures and shooting videos.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Niagara Falls are a marvel of Nature

The next morning we again visited Niagara, entered the gate and someone took us to the top most floor and told us that we reached around 40 – 50 feet in just a few seconds and from there we took a flight of stairs down to the cruise – Maid of the Mist. We were given blue raincoats and our journey started. The boat rocked a bit and then back and forth, it took us really close to the fall and then I could see the place from where we had seen Niagara the previous evening. Closer to the fall and soon it was drizzling, I thought that it would be freezing but was in fact warm. We saw a big group of ducks and some small fish swimming near the cruise. All the cruise boats of USA were blue in colour and the Canadian ones were red. We went to an area which was famous for clicking pictures as on both the sides of the platform we could see the Niagara Falls.

With this my journey to this beautiful country came to an end, only to begin again. I am sure in the future I would be visiting the USA again.

P.S. I would like to thank my school SVIS, Dwarka, New Delhi and Astro Tourism for organising everything in this trip.



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  1. Abhishek Gupta

    Though a little gal but a daughter of a great man I have ever known.. That’s beautifully written – undoubtedly the best story of coins and maps so far and would remain for quite a long time.. I remember sir when you were telling about Cheryl’s trip to USA and got to know that her baggage was missed in airport – you were little worried but your confidence on her was top high and you said – ” She will manage I know ” even I was surprised that time by hearing those words from you for a 10 year old who’s in USA thousands miles away from family whilst in the same time I did realise that your confidence on her is the key reason for her visit to America.. I also got to know about the tiny things you have asked her to do before leaving hotel , after coming back room and so many other things which must have helped little angel ???? alot whilst travelling and managing her stuffs.. Cheryl – you have described everything very well darling – felt like am experiencing each and every moment in USA with you ( sweetest little blogger ) everyone is so proud of you !!!!! Fly high and keep shining !!!!! Thanks so much sir and Cheryl for sharing this awesome experience with us..

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