Hair and Now: Rein thy mane


With the long weekend coming up I am sure you would have your outing and party plans already chalked out. Whatever you plan to wear on these occasions should be fashionable and comfortable and not come in your way of enjoying your time with friends and family be it your clothes or your hairstyle.

A simple and plain dress clubbed with a glamorous hair do can make you look like a diva. And who says you can’t sport a great looking hair style while you travel, in fact when you travel you are out there to have fun and enjoy and its all the more reason to look your fashionable best.

Evening braids up do

Simply put, a great hair style portrays you as a confident girl of today and trust me it will get you more eye balls and compliments than just splurging on expensive clothes and accessories. In fact, a change in hairstyle is the easiest way to change the way you look, only prerequisite is that you should be confident about what you do to your hair.

More often than not, I have seen women with long hair just keeping their hair loose and touching their hair every now and then; to me that looks as if they are not comfortable and hey, is that the best you can do with your long tresses? On the other hand women with short hair usually go for ‘safe’ haircuts and are not given to experimenting. I feel short hair look cool, sexy and oh-so-confident (pssst…ya, ya I also have short hair, but that’s not the only reason that I love short hair). And if you use accessories like hair pins, bands and clips with a thought then it can look glamorous as well.

We talked to Hair Experts at Advanced Hair Studio and asked them for the download on what’s trending in hair styles. Here are five easy to do hair styles that can be used for partying with friends or just that weekend getaway that you have planned for this Independence Day.

1)  Twisted Ponytail

Twisty ponytail on Black Lively

Tired of simple, old-fashioned ponytail? How about we give it a twist?

To break the monotony of regular ponytail, twist sections of your hair and circle them around your hair binder to give your hair a twisted look.

Tricolor tip- Add orange and green hair extensions for the twisted part of your hair. You can also use colorful clips to give your hair a neater look. Better still, colour your hair in the shades of the flag with temporary hair colour.

2) Funky braids

Funky braids


Always trendy and easy to carry, braids keep you neat and classy. Fish tails, french braids to simple three strand and twist braids, abundance of options to choose from! Twist your hair in various directions according to the style you desire and ta-da! You are ready for all the kite flying action.

Tricolor tip- Green, white and orange beads will totally go along your braid. Hair extensions can also distinguish your hairdo from the regular styles.

3) Messy buns


Easy to make, less time consuming and a trendy hairstyle that will give you a swinging look. This up do is best suited under the sun as it saves you from sticky hair around the neck and manages your hair nicely. Ballerina buns, fringe buns, fancy roll, french roll and many more styles that you can experiment with!

Tricolor tip- Add tricolor beads, clips, and maybe ribbon to keep your bun in place.

4) Natural Waves

Natural waves

Look beautiful effortlessly with your natural waves hanging loose. Use hairspray or mousse to set your hair and avoid frizziness due to hot weather. One of the most amazing hairstyles to bring out the best in you!

Tricolor tip- Braid a little section of your hair with tricolor hair extensions with your locks hanging loosely around. You can also use clips to stick a section of hair on either side of your head.

5) Cute bunches

Bring back your childhood memories of kites, sweets and National Anthem in the background this Independence Day. Loose or Braided bunches or pigtails, can give you one of a kind look in the crowd. Part your hair in two halves from the center and tie them with hair binders.

Tricolor tip- Use green, orange or white colored hair bands and ribbons to blend with the tricolor theme.

Now, you can always mix in your own ideas with all these suggestions to suit your style. So gear up as a fun and exciting weekend is on!

(Compiled by Utkarsha Arvind with inputs from Hair Experts from Advanced Hair Studio)











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