Deccan Pavilion – A Brunch of Stories

Deccan Pavilion which has been recently revamped is one of the restaurants at ITC Kakatiya in Hyderabad. Rohit Joshi, co-founder, Coins and Maps, was there to sample the brunch at the Deccan Pavilion. Read his account of the food adventure by the pool.


When I told someone at my work place that I have a brunch planned for Sunday, he gave me an odd look. At that point in time, I thought maybe he thought me pompous – but to me, a brunch is something that needs to be talked about. The leisurely, random gait with which one enters the dining area sort of silently announcing that one is here and will be for some time. Personally, it is the most relaxing therapy which one can have with food, for me, a party is a crowd, breakfasts are hurried, lunches drowsy and dinners preceded by a tiring day and lead to the night.


Now a brunch at ITC Kakatiya Hyderabad was something more than just my favorite time meal. It was one of those winter months but cool, summery weather in the ambiance of the Mediterranean which set the mood for the delights to follow. The Deccan Pavilion having being re-launched a few weeks back was looking ravishing with a dash of freshness. Aromas of food dancing along the beats of the live band made me almost just settle down and request for the first glass of Champagne. Good, I did not though as the not-so-sultry sun made the poolside sitting area as close to the African continent as Asia could ever be. Step out to this place and one steps into another era, an era which is ever so close to the heart of the traveler within all. One look at the grill area and I knew this was going to be special, but by then I had not met Chef Vishal Baliga who redefined special and brunch for me!


With the grill sizzling some of the best cuts of Pork Chops, fresh Lobsters, sumptuous Chicken, tender Lamb, juicy Fish, tangy Tiger Prawns and more than a couple of variety of each one, you just cannot help but confess that you do realize the very taste of the word – mouthwatering! Ah, and the veg bit was much more than just that, besides the lovely grilled kebabs and paneer and potatoes were some Vegetable and Cheese Stuffed Crepes, Veg Shaslik, Pineapple Steaks, Cabbage Dolmas, grilled Corn on the Cob, Enchiladas and still some more.

What worked the most for me was that everything was prepared with very little seasoning and cooked in the natural juices and oils of the ingredients themselves, it is not an easy art but when mastered gives you the real taste of things and it is only then that one realizes the true taste of something which maybe they have had many times previously. It is these discoveries which keep one wanting to go back to basics. The exact sizes, cuts, direction, base, temperature and the look make it all just great and require an eye for detail. It is not just the grill, one can savor the traditional Indian food, continental, oriental cuisine and a fantastically stocked up dessert section. Right from biryanis to the curries to the salads and continental and Asian cuisine – everything just revs up the hunger engine.



Then came the special moment when Chef Vishal came and just sat there, honestly he just sat and had stories after stories to share on his passion for not just preparing food (simple word, but then you call it anything – food is food to me) but also procuring the best of what he must from where it is grown the best. Touched my heart with the story of his boyhood and a chance meeting with a priest in a nearby Church who prepares the best Burrata cheese, same was served with the traditionally hung display and was a delight with a little bit of pesto (without too was like the best I have ever had). It is the passion and the drive to get the best of things and then turn them into magical delicacies which make the difference between one Chef and another, one place and another. The experience of being at ITC Kakatiya if can be described in few words then these need to be relaxing and freshening, sumptuous and delicate, feast for the eyes and tummy, courtesy and warmth.


A place to go with friends and family and make more friends. A perfect blend of old world charm, new age chic indoor settings, and the nice poolside canopies make it a brunch to be cherished for a long time to come.


For reservations: Click Here

ITC Kakatiya
Hyderabad 6-3-1187,Begumpet
Telangana – 500016, India

Phone: +(91) (40) 2340 0132

Price for the Sunday Brunch:

Non-Alcoholic – INR 2670 inclusive of taxes

Sparkling wine + IMFL – INR 3277 inclusive of taxes

Champagne Brunch (G.H Mumm Champagne + IMFL) – INR 3641 inclusive of taxes

  • All the plans include the entire Brunch spread & Live Grills by the pool.

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