Bheemli Resort: Weekend Getaway from Vizag

Trust me you can get used to this beautiful way of life at the Bheemli Resort.

We checked into this beautiful property perched right on the beach. We knew we just had a day with us and thought it was enough to explore the property and its charms.  Little did we know that it would be hard to bid goodbye to the hospitality at The Bheemli Resort and we would be craving for at least a day more.

Novotel Bheemli Resort

Let me take you through a day at Bheemli which we enjoyed as a family.

Sunrise as seen from our room at Bheemli Resort
View from our balcony

5:30 am With all the 28 rooms facing the beach we woke up at 5 in the morning to have a look at the sunrise from our own balcony. With a warm cuppa in one hand and eyes on the sky we could not help but just marvel at the colors that brightened the sky. Just like a bud that unfolds the layers of the sky changed the shades from grey to pink to orange. As soon as I finished my tea (the husband is a non-tea person) we headed for the beach, the kids were too lazy for a walk on the beach so we let them sleep for the next activity we had planned and both of us took a nice long walk on the beach. That was for the ‘us’ time together.

Father and daughter trio enjoying the view from the infinity pool
Can you see the Budhha statue far down below?
As the crow flies…

7:30 am When everyone in the family loves water a swim in the pool is only inevitable. I am the latest one to learn swimming (yes, I learned it this year and am mighty proud of the fact that I know almost all the strokes but I am still indecisive on which is my favorite one). Generally, if we are on a beach destination we ditch the pool and soak ourselves in the sea but this time it was different because the view from the infinity pool at the terrace at Bheemli resort will leave you speechless.  We swam a little and stood at the edge of the pool for most of the time. It was difficult to take our eyes off the serpentine seashore that we could see from here.

The Square – all day dining restaurant; check out the art work installations

9 am Reluctantly we got out of the pool and after a quick shower, we headed to The Square – all day dining restaurant. With alfresco setting, we enjoyed our breakfast soaking in some sea breeze and the wide spread at the restaurant with a few live counters made for a perfect start.

Movie Time! Deciding which one to watch is a difficult task!

11 am Generally what does your weekend look like? For us, it was movie time at the mini theatre at the hotel which we had booked for ourselves in advance so all we did was just lie back and enjoy Despicable Me 2 at this private theatre with kids. We laughed and were glued to the huge screen till the end of the movie and sheer pleasure of moving around changing seats in between or even lying down and watching the movie were the added advantages of watching a movie at the mini theatre.

There was also a small library with a few books and a play area for kids just outside the theatre.

Deep Tissue Massage here was so relaxing

2 pm While the kids enjoyed a game of pool at the lobby of the hotel, the husband and I were a little tired after the movie (pun intended) so both of us headed to Dew Spa and Salon for a deep tissue massage.  The massage really relaxed us and all we wanted to do was to sleep for some time. But then it was not to be for we were checking out in the evening and there was still a lot to do.

Post Lunch scenes!

3:30 pm After having a game or two of pool with the kids (all of us were learners) we decided to have lunch at The Square again which was serving special Sunday Brunch but after a relaxing massage all I and the husband wanted was something light and refreshing so I opted for some fresh salads and the husband I guess had some fish with beer. Now as it was a little warm outside we decided to sit inside but could not take off our eyes from the views of the beach every now and then it was then that we saw a beautiful sailboat right in the middle of the sea. The white boat with a yellow sail sailing on the blue sea with blue sky as the background looked like a painting which had come to life.

Even after having our lunch we just sat there gazing endlessly outside, looking at the sea sometimes, and then the sky. Peace. Calm. Divine

Lobby of the resort

It was around 5 that we came out of the siesta and we realized that the evening is going to be musical. Every Sunday from 5 pm onwards there is a sundowner evening with lots of music and drinks and finger food. Don’t ask how much we wanted to stay back for one evening.

It was 6 pm as we reached for our room we ordered a little supper for kids in the room and started packing for our onward journey.

7pm We checked out of the hotel and headed to Hyderabad.

It is a lovely place to spend a weeknd with family and also a great place for MICE.

This restaurant at rooftop is open for dinner

Fast Facts:

  1. There is a Teppanyaki restaurant at the rooftop of the hotel
  2. There is a spa and a salon for the guests.
  3. You could go for cycling around the hotel or in the town (cycles can be provided by the hotel upon request)
  4. It is a great place to practice Yoga and if you are an early riser I recommend you do beach yoga. It would be so therapeutic.
  5. Even if you don’t know swimming a visit to the infinity pool is a must. You could soak such beautiful views of the sea and the town from here.
  6. Evenings are best spent at the beach with many locals thronging the area but you will find you little peace amidst the statue of Buddha and his followers who sit just beside the sea.

Maybe next time:

  1.  The kids were a little disappointed as the Xbox in the play zone was not in working condition.
  2. I was a little put off on seeing the guests drying their clothes on the railing in the balcony but can’t blame the guests completely because it is a beach destination but may the hotel can make some provision so that the facade of the hotel remains beautiful.


The Bheemli Resort 

Gym at the resort overlooks the beach


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  1. What a lovely resort. I have always found Novotel properties to be of impeccable quality and this one too seems to bear the same hallmark. It seems to be a great place to chill and rejuvenate.

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