Bara Darhi: Tale of three cities


There is New Delhi and there is old Delhi – lovingly and nostalgically called ‘puraani dilli’. How well do we really know this Delhi and what does it stand for? Apart from labyrinth gullies, innumerous shops, people living together as families irrespective of their faith what this really stands for and is probably what will always be quoted for is the food and that too the non-vegetarian type. Sound of ‘hatke’ from the tongas might have been replaced by ‘aage badhiye’ but the one sound which will always be heard here is ‘miyan nosh farmaiye’.


Now there another Delhi which is NCR (National Capital Territory Region) and the jewel in the crown (arguably though) is Gurgaon. Imagine what a super Branded Business Hotel in Gurgaon can have in common with Puraani Dilli – food!!! Unbelievable!!! This is what Bara Darhi at Westin stands for – same food with original spices, preparation techniques, cooking methods, utensils, chefs and even the seating arrangement to some extent (being close to the road it keeps one reminding of the noise more apt would be shor of the gullies). It is a brilliant option for all those authentic foodies and even others who would like to try out the famous Mughal cuisine Dilli style minus the physical endurance required to access the old by lanes.


The punt by Chef Deepak Bhatia seems to be worth it as the place has been loved by all patrons in the last few weeks since it has been launched. The name means nothing more than 12 doors or entrances which were a building technique, however, it does take one to the era when such kebabs and rotis would have been relished in so much  natural surroundings, copper utensils, sherbet, waiters in traditional attire, chefs and seekh kebabs right in front for all to get the street food feel. It is I am sure quite a challenge to balance the quality and the ask of the typical taste, though I believe that the months of recce and determination shown by Chef and his team has really worked like magic and thus there is no escape from the desire of gobbling down more and more and especially with fingers to be licked in good time (something I did and was actually appreciated by the Chef himself!) Every serving brings out the passion which goes into such unconventional ventures; untiring care by the staff is always commendable. Sitting in one of the most exclusive places near Delhi and looking at a menu which is written in words understandable to all, eating with your hands, listening to old hind film songs, relaxing with dim lights and enjoying succulent tikkas and kebabs what more can one ask for but then there are the gravy dishes and biryanis followed up by not to be missed kheer.


I have to stop as my mouth is watering up again and I can almost smell the Bara Darhi – see you soon! This place just reduces the distance between the 3 cities of Delhi, Dilli and NCR.

Where:  Bara Darhi at Lobby Level, The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi

Contact: 91.124.497.7777 or 91.124.497.7831
Time: 07.00 pm – 11.00 pm (Sunday to Thursday)
07.00 pm – 12.00 am (Friday to Saturday)

Closed on Tuesdays

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