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Listening to the sounds of Ganga, thoughts flowing down the mountains crowded with tall and compassionate trees, chirping birds and a breath of fresh healthy air I begin to capture the spirit of wilderness in and around Atali Ganga with Himalayan wind as ink.

Scenic Atali Ganga

Getting away from crowds and noise of cities and hamlets you sort of always ‘just arrive’ at Atali.  It is always as fresh as the first time and as if you are the first to be there, you also get treated like you are ‘The One’! Nestled away from the big world this resort ensures one enjoys the goodness of nature, joy of freshness, vast landscapes, picturesque locales and the mighty Ganga to wash away all the stress and baggage accumulated over years of our mundane existence.

Nature lovers’ delight


Atali Ganga offers cottages for couples and also family suites. The design of the resort grows upon you and just makes you want to walk around and explore. The pool is an added benefit – one so rare in these parts. Food is excellent and makes you crave for more. It is the people who make you feel so welcome and with the ever present genuine smiles and kind offerings of help make each interaction so pleasant. Each cottage has 3 sides open view, simple add ons like an umbrella, yoga mats, coffee tables and even writing desks in the verandah make it a cool place to spend time. You almost feel like never wanting to leave!


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Founded and managed by a very professional team of hoteliers and outdoor adventurers this is a place for Himalayan luxury with a dash of adventure thrown in with its access to the higher Himalayas, Atali is ideally located for longer mountain sojourns. It has been voted as 50 best new hotels of the world in 2013.


What sets Atali apart is the activity schedule curated for people of all interests – those wanting leisurely birding walks or village visits and morning yoga, to a strenuous mountain biking day, kayaking, rafting, climbing or attempting north India’s only high ropes course, where a zip line is the reward for finishing 14 elements! 12 hours of possible things to do – absolutely unrivalled offerings.

_LSG4877_LSG5061Climbing wall

So the next time you head to the mountains make sure you go beyond your usual set of places – to experience the best of Himalayan splendour and outdoor action, do check in at the Atali Ganga for creating great memories for keeps.

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