An ode to the mothers

Imagine how would the world change for better if all human beings would think like a mother? Just, like your mother would think of you – you first, always.

The world would be such a tender and loving place, straight out of a fairytale where each day the sun would shine, birds chirp and you could hear giggle, laughter and tinkling of china which would be a signal that something special is cooking in the kitchen; nights would be special too when you could just slip into your comfortable and cosy bed with the moonlight shining bright and you lying in your mother’s lap and listening to a fairytale which you remember verbatim yet listening to it over and over again is so comforting.


A mother is a universal symbol of love and care. A mother is a woman who has gone through ups and downs of life yet has always been the guiding light and the protector of her child. Talking of mothers I could not keep myself from talking about the Supreme Court ruling which states that if a married Hindu woman tries to separate his husband from his parents he can divorce his wife. And what about the boys, don’t they separate girls from their parents after marriage. Ah! That is the way the society functions you say. (Slow claps, my friend you just fell into the ‘society’ trap again; and who or what is this society? Ain’t we make the society? Following the unwritten rules of the society, what a way to live your life!)


I just want to ask one thing aren’t all mothers just mothers whether a girl’s or a boy’s?

So why is it not mandatory under the law that a daughter is required to take care of her parents as a son would do. See, this is the basis of all the problems; we build our society in such a manner that is skewed in every sense. On one hand we have initiatives by the government like ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’; there are laws that entitle a daughter to have her share in her parent’s property but when it comes to taking care of her parents the law says that it is mandatory for the boy to take care of his parents.  Gender biased laws, is it that? Where is the balance? Or perhaps even the Supreme Court understands that it is the sons that need a law, daughters any which way are taking care of their parents.

Also, there are parents who want to stay alone and they tell their children to step out of the house, what does the law say to such parents?  You see the influence of the West is not only on Gen X. Even the elderly were the Gen X in their yesteryears.


A daughter’s parents do all that a son’s parents do. In fact a lot more actually, they have the heart of giving away their daughter’s hand to a guy whom they perhaps know only for a few days or months.  From what I understand, if the law is equal for all then it should treat a girl’s parents equally as a boy’s parents and make it mandatory for the girls to support their parents even after marriage. A law does have an effect on the people in general and if implemented properly it can shape the society in the years to come.

I am sure the bench that made this law did not have a mother sitting there otherwise it would have a law equal for all mothers. How can we imagine a society that is equal for all when the mothers in the society are not treated equally?


This society creates a lot of pressure for the mother to be herself. Just see how a mother behaves when she is only a mother and how she behaves and how she changes when is a mother in law; not only for the daughter or son-in-law but for her children as well. I say let her be, she is also a human before being a woman and many other roles that she is expected to play.

My only request to the law makers and the society is that treat all mothers equally and then see the change. To see that change, you have to be the change.

I have seen my mother going through the various phases in life; whether I could understand her struggle at that point in time I can’t say but today I want to extend all the support to her that she needs and frankly she doesn’t need anything more than love in these years of her life.

I wish things like Mother’s Day and Women’s Day were celebrated like they are today and I would have made these days special for my mom right from my childhood days but still, it’s not too late. I may stay wherever I have the option of sending the right gift for my mother and make every occasion special for her. And sometimes, that gift is only gratitude that I feel for her. Indebted to her, forever. May God give her good health and happiness, today and always.

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