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We take pride when people compliment us on our blog’s name. It took us months of thinking and brainstorming sessions to finally pick this one.

We are India’s first family travel and hospitality blog; rather a blogzine would be apt. 

What’s a blogzine? We are a balanced mix of a blog and a magazine and offer you detailed reviews, deals, features, and travelogues in the travel and hospitality sector.

Family Member 1 – Pillar of the blog 

Nidhi Joshi – Wife, mother, yoga practitioner and ‘mukti’ seeker

With an experience of more than a decade, I am an ex-journalist and now enjoy freelancing and blogging.  A Master’s degree in English Literature and a Fashion Communication course from NIFT New Delhi, I began my career with Delhi Times as a Copy Editor cum Reporter. With a desire to explore the world, I moved on to work with publications like Trav Talk and TLF Magazine. Thereafter, I was working as a Consulting Editor with Askme.com for their travel portal askmeontravel.com  and was also freelancing for a couple international magazines.

Having recently moved to Hyderabad I am already loving this beautiful city for its people, hospitality, and food.

Family Member 2 – Moral Support, Logistics and Operations

Rohit Joshi – Husband; dad and a yogi in making

Rohit has been doing all things Banking for more than 15 years for a living but it is travel and meditation that he likes to balance his inner self with. Adventure tourism and spiritual journeys spur him on.

When he is not traveling then you can find him in the kitchen cooking up lip smacking dishes for the trio.



Family Members  3 and 4 – The smiles in our lives
A family that travels together stays together

Cheryl and Arshiya – Daughters; friends and food critics and awesome companions for any journey

Cheryl, the elder one has blogged about her first solo travel experience to the USA (at the young age of 10 years) and Arshiya, the younger one loves to read and review books and swim. Her favourite character is Geronimo Stilton.

Both of them won silver medals in Telangana State Swimming Competitions held in Siddipet in May 2018.

Coins and Maps features honest and experiential reviews, rich content, easy to read and wanting more to see sort of ideas and photos. We are open for collaborations; you can reach us at coinsandmaps@gmail.com

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Coins and Maps now has an ally. We have come up with new blog especially for women and on women. It’s called The Woman Blog and it talks about everything a woman wants to know in the world of Fashion, Beauty, Home, Art, Jewelry and Lifestyle and Wellness.

Connect with The Woman Blog at E mail: thewomanblogs@gmail.com

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    Looks very interesting and promising … Knowing you guys there will be real gems coming along !! Godspeed????

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