Over The Moon Micro Brewery

Over The Moon, Literally!

What’s in a name you might say? I say everything, at least for the microbrewery and lounge bar – Over The Moon in Gachibowli in [...]
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Teachers outside the walls of a class

As we are all set to celebrate Teachers’ Day this year, today, I take this opportunity to pay a standing ovation and a heartfelt tribute [...]
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Srisailam: Kailash of the South

Srisailam also known as the ‘Kailash of the south’ is a temple town dedicated to Shiva and Parvati. It is also one of the few [...]
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Suryalanka Beach: Beauty of the Bay of Bengal

Don’t even go there. I mean, in your mind; don’t think Suryalanka is anywhere close to Sri Lanka or has any connection to it. With [...]
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Haleem: Sultan of Hyderabad during Ramadan

Time: A month in a year Knock! Knock! Biryani: Who is it? Haleem: I am Haleem. Biryani: Haleem, who? Time: Ramadan Knock! Knock! Haleem: Who [...]
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